Learn how to enable TLS on the Transport and HTTP layers

Secure ElasticSearch communication

One of the biggest concerns of any software system is Security!

Clairvoyant always focuses on creating more reliable and secure systems. Here, we ensure that every internal and external communication is always encrypted, so no one can listen to what’s going on inside the system. It is at the heart of our operational model to provide highly secure solutions to our customers.

Borrowing from our expertise in exploring security concepts in-depth, in this blog, we’ll learn how to enable TLS on the Transport and HTTP layers in an Elasticsearch cluster.

Elasticsearch is a very commonly used open-source full-text search and…

Learn how to integrate Spring Boot applications with Elastic Search


We should always begin by thinking about customer-oriented use-cases around a microservice before we begin building it. For an eCommerce app, a microservice that tries to access product catalogs, speedy search, and discovery of product catalogs, becomes an essential point. Even for applications other than e-commerce, content searching and discovery help you improve the pace at which your customer discovers, and learns about your content.

In this blog, we will show you how the search functionality can be added to your microservice to improve its speed and performance.

Let’s start by thinking about what kind of search engines can help…

Devkinandan Chauhan

Senior Full Stack developer

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